Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My perfect paradise

We all need to plan and dream so this is mine, my husband and I plan (in 2 years time) to live in our favourite region, Northern New South Wales around the Byron Bay hinterland. Speaking to the locals its nothing short of paradise, life is less hectic and the pace is much slower than city life yet it's only 2 hours from Brisbane. The area overlooks the ocean with rolling grass hills, it truly is a beautiful place. If I ever need a country fix we always take a drive to Bangalow in the region, the town is filled with atmosphere,markets,cafes and unique style shops and like most visitors we never want to leave. The house below is in this region but of course they don't all look like this!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog feel free to link my blog.
From now on my blog is also in english. I am busy with making translations.

We moved three years ago from the busy city to the quiet countryside. Life is less hectic and we live close to the Dutch/Belgian border and Paris is only 4 hours by train and Amsterdam 2 hour by car:)

What a wonderful Hamptons/Ralph Lauren atmosphere you have in your home.

I saw that we have much of the same books. I orderd last week Mary Emmerlings Beach Houses book it's wonderfull.

A-M said...

My first job was in Northern Rivers. Working in a local hospital, I remember, even as a young 21 year-old, pinching myself daily as I could not believe that I lived and worked in paradise. Go the dream Judy!

Cathy Louise said...

Hi Judy
I grew up and spent my first 18 years in northern NSW's and my favourite spot to holiday now is near Kingscliff in and around Casuarina... I would love to have a holiday house there one day...I still part own a piece of land (72 acres) just outside of Lismore. It is a beautiful spot with creek and rolling green hills and only 10 - 15 minutes from the beach...I had the best of both worlds growing up... We used to get on the train as teenagers to go to Byron for the day and we often stop at Bangalow (even though my favourite antique shop in the main street is closed now)on our trips home to our little farm... Your blog is just so beautiful, thanks for sharing a little of my past....Take care Cathy

ACS said...

what a beautiful setting.

just a quick note, a friend of mine was visiting your blog and told me my link on your list of 'Blogs I Love' doesn't work. It may be because you have written Ebony & Ivory, not Ebony + Ivory (note the + sign).

Love reading your blog, keep up the good work!!


Marie Louise said...

It looks absolutely beautiful there. Reminds me a bit of Northern California and some parts of New England. I was a city girl for many years too - but now live in the country, between NYC and Boston. There is nothing that calms the soul like waking up in the country.
Australia seems to be a planet unto itself with every type of geography imaginable. I hope you and your husband realize your dream!

Solange said...

beautiful picture. ah, australia has got such an incredible nature, I've visited years ago and I loved it.
have a good week!


A-M said...

Hi Judy, A-M again! I have awarded you a 'Kreativ Blogger' award (which was originally bestowed upon me by our Swedish friends, 'All Things Blue' and 'Colonial East') as you truly inspire me on a daily basis. We are so kindred in our love of the Hamptons and all things white/taupe/beige/crystal/nickel etc, etc! I think you are to pass the award on to 3 bloggers who truly inspire you. Have a great day. A-M xxx

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