Friday, May 2, 2008

Finding the time....

I could so see myself packing up for the week-end and off to my beach house or country house for a few day's of relaxing! (okay! I'm dreaming......) but instead I'm staying home to do house work and a bit of re-organising and bake a cake with my lily, when you work all week I so enjoy spending time with my family and staying home, boring I know but Home is my happy space and of course my blogging time! see you next week and have a great week-end x


Solange said...

What a nice picture. I wish you a nice weekend too, filled with sunshine!


Marie Louise said...

I know exactly how you feel - after a crazy week it's nice to exhale and be able to focus on your family. I have three girls myself and look forward to reconnecting with them after a week of rushing around. Love the pic - see myself lounging on that couch!


I arrived here via Solange's blog...
And I like it!
Spending time with your family is soooooo important, enjoy it to the fullest!
Cake baking sounds good!!
Enjoy your weekend,
XX Chantal

Something White said...

Is this at your home? Wonderful place!

Cathy Louise said...

Yes a weekend at home with maybe a little charm making fitted in but hopefully some time in the garden in this glorious Autumn weather... Might paint a wall and do some rearranging too... Please put another order in whenever you like.... I am so very glad the charms worked so very well for you... Take care Cathy

A-M said...

What do you mean?.... you were there at my party. You just popped in for a short time on your way home from work!... had a tapas, a drink and a chat to Camilla and Colonial East. They were there! Have a lovely relaxing weekend at home. You work so hard. D and I are always in your shop but you're always out designing some masterpiece somewhere. Wait until I build my house....rrrrrr.....can't wait! A-M

vosgesparis said...

me myself I am enjoying a 2 week holiday break from work, so I understand what you mean, although my summer house calls me to come and visit here (haha joking... pfff I have no summerhouse but in my dreams) I really enjoy wandering around the house a bit, dreaming changing etc. So Queensday was a good day for some nice barkings and it keeps me busy for days to turn the house upside down Enjoy the cake and your weekend. Greetings from Desiree

The Nesting Co. Florist said...

I love your blog and you have great taste. It is so inviting and comforting. I am wanting to move my family to Australia with in the next 2 years or so. It's great to find women like yourself out there that are on the same decorating page. Heidi

a home far away said...

This picture is really lovely, and the colours are perfect! So relaxing...

Hugs from Singapore

ColonialEast said...

Beautiful picture! I hope too that you hade a nice weekend!!

My lovely cottage said...

I agree with you! I'm at my best when i'm at home with family and friends. Enjoy that cake your baking and hope you save some for me.
have a lovely sunday.


lily-g said...

thanks girls! I cleaned non-stop, did a bit of decorating and burnt the cake! but I do have some images of my home this
p.s A-M could I forget our night out that must be why my cake burnt too sleepy and couldn't focus!x

Moderncountry said...

Nothing strange about that Lily! I find it comforting and relaxing as well, staying home and just enjoying doing the "normal" things. Specially here in The Netherlands, where life can be very hectic.
I so love the picture that you are showing, so peaceful and pretty!


Linda Lou said...

Love your blog. what music is that in the background? Its very soothing as are your photos. Home is where the heart is.

奇堡比 said...