Sunday, August 31, 2008

stunning staircase

I just stumbled upon a gorgeous blog called Marley & Lockyer, she posted this image of a staircase that is so my style, in fact I have the same lantern in my staircase but mine is silver, still needing all the pictures on the wall I haven't quiet got round to that yet. Any-way her blog is well worth a visit I know i'll be back often.

A Collection of pretty things

I love this photo of a cluster of special pieces from greengate, the old clock and vintage tin, fresh flowers sets a pretty scene, have a great week-end.

collecting old books

I started buying old books for the purpose of displays in my shop only to find my customers wanting to buy them, In protest I tell them I couldn't possibly sell them because it would ruin my display sometimes I really am a bad business woman, but it did start me thinking that these little treasures I love hunting for are really in demand and so I now sell very old books, tied with string and a Cathy P charm to make it complete.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good bye to my Oma

I haven't been on my blog the last few days as my grandmother (Oma in Dutch) passed away. She was an amazing 98 and lived through two world wars, migrated to Africa and then Australia but her heart was always in Holland. My Grandfather (Opa) was a fashion designer for mens clothing in Holland and when he migrated to Australia he worked for Trent Nathan an Australian fashion icon as a leading fashion designer and cutter, my Oma was a potter (ceramic artist as they are called today) and a mum she has taught me so many Dutch traditions that i hope to pass on to my children. My Oma from my Dad's side is one of the reasons why I am going to Paris, her portrait is in the louvre, when she was young her portrait was painted by a famous dutch artist and due to family issues the artist was never revealed but I have a picture of the portrait so i'm hoping armed with my photo I may be able to track down the history and whilst i have been told the portrait is perhaps archived they will be able to find it and even produce a canvas copy for me, well fingers crossed! Any-way all I can say is life is so precious and our grandparents are so filled with wisdom and amazing stories that given the time to listen are so of most most cherished memories.

Monday, August 25, 2008


The photo's are not that great but this is my store lily-g what you see is just one level, there is also another level which is our work room area but after my trip overseas the windows will be decorated and the top floor open to customers and will showcase more furniture and our interior design area. My fashion boutique to the side of my home wares store showcases labels like Day Et mikkelsen, Twin-set from Italy and lots of Australian fashion labels.Three years ago my little shop was just a fun venture that has now expanded to a much larger boutique style store, Our stock sells quickly and is replaced regularly always with new pieces to keep it exciting and interesting.

A Beautiful Amoire

Part of our new collection, The grey painted Amoire and the beautiful oak furniture is such a classic stylish look I can never get enough of it.

Greengate new to lily-g

Lily-g has just received our shipment from Green-gate, this gorgeous range of crockery and taupe and white cutlery is not due till October, but I seem to be endlessly unpacking boxes of the most gorgeous stock ever our warehouse is full so this week is going to be a busy week re-stocking shelves with some beautiful pieces.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A sneak peak

My upholsterer has just completed one of my jobs and I'm so happy with the out-come next week I'm going to show a before and after shot, the room was a bright yellow with touches of reds and greens, it was a lovely room but it was looking tired I convinced my client to re-paint all the walls white, new gorgeous linen loose cover sofas our own design and this gorgeous blue fabric, the blue is actually a little darker but not quiet a navy and wow does the room look amazing, I have ordered all the accessories and I cant wait to show the final look.

Duck egg blue chaise

I just recieved the image of a chaise I had re-upolstered for a client's home and we are just thrilled with the outcome, the room is looking gorgeous still alittle more to do and then i'll post the final look.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Return of Tradition

There is nothing more special than a beautifully bound leather journal and I plan to fill mine with all my photo's of France, one page for my photo the other to write about our experience and of course I will fill every page. The wax seals are also new to lily-g by just heating up the wax and pressing your own initial into the wax creates your personalized seal and adds that special touch to your stationary, very old worldly but I love it. Today with computers and very little mail, I miss that hand written letter and I cant get enough beautiful stationary I just now need to learn how to write calligraphy.

Kates blog

Just a blogging plug for my gorgeous assistant Kate, 2 years ago Kate called me asking if I would have a coffee with her to talk about interior design well it must of helped because a couple of months ago she rang me and i offered her a job as my assistant, her passion and excitement was enough for me and it shows in everything she does I don't know how I survived without her, so I'm plugging you Kate and keep blogging these beautiful images

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our new Cote Est Range

I have just unpacked at-least 40 boxes of our new Cote Est range from Riviera Maison. This range is the feature of this months lily-g newsletter and is already selling out fast, the off white range goes back beautifully with our French oak dining tables and creates the perfect every-day setting, soup bowls with a lid on a rattan place-mat, tapas plates and Hampton inspired desert plates and so much more...this setting creates the perfect french country look, I can imagine setting the table under a big old tree, hanging a candelarbra from a branch, family, friends and lots of vino!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

2 WEEKS TO GO.....

Its only two weeks before I leave for Paris! This will be the first time ever that Paul and I have two weeks with-out our kids together, whilst we will miss them we are so looking forward to spending time together in the most romantic city in the world. Our first week is in an apartment in Paris and then five days in Provence, we then return to Paris for one night before flying home. After hours of searching on the net we both very excitedly booked this gorgeous hotel for our last night, my hubby booked dinner in the Eiffel tower as a surprise for me (till I peeked at the booking) but it will be magical and we can't wait, counting the sleeps xxx

Friday, August 15, 2008

Vintage Prints

These beautiful vintage prints I custom made from an old Dior book for one of my clients daughters bedroom, both of the prints sit to one side and a much larger one to the other, I have also made a large inspiration board in old vintage style white washed frame which I plan to set up for her so i'll post you an image when its completed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some French Inspiration

I can't take credit for discovering these beautiful images from a Chateau in France, Thank you to the gorgeous blog "The Laurel Hedge" her blog is a must visit and is definitely going to be a favourite of mine! I just love the shutters used as a room divider, the neutral look always classic and stylish.

Show day in Brisbane

Monday was the perfect day to take my lily to our show day called 'The Ekka.' We had such a fun day and as this was lily's first time ever, she never stopped laughing and having fun! I took heaps of pictures but I love this one the most, she chased the piglets cuddled the sheep and adored the goats, how precious are our children and for a mother who works long hours it was truly a special day for a mum and a little girl who never stopped smiling.

Navy and White

I'm so in love with our new summer collection of navy and white, I couldn't help posting another image from Skona Hem magazine, such a great summer look.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A country Holiday House

What could me more perfect than this country house to spend leisure week-ends with family and friends, except I would have to repaint the outside white too.

A Country Shack

On the weekend I discovered a gorgeous blog and if you love fashion you will love her blog, I especially loved the posts from Skona Hem Magazine, the mag has some beautiful images of a country holiday house, I just love the exposed wood and the all white colour scheme.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A New piece..

I just love this ottoman with tray as you can you use it as a sidetable or put two together to make a coffee table, hopefully it will arrive instore this week.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back home

I have just returned from a weeks buying trip only to find my new stock is arriving in store, my shelves are full of beautiful items and gorgeous furniture pieces. I have purchased beautiful old tables where the timber is sourced from old farm houses in France, tea-towels, napkins printed with vintage cutlery also sourced from France. Our Xmas decorations are again mercury, aged looking but rather than lots of silver (which I did buy also) but in gorgeous taupe and aged bronze tones hard to explain but will be in store October. You all know I'm mad about neutrals but this summer Navy and White is huge!!! I bought the most stunning navy and white dinnerware ever, cushions, ginger jars, and very RL style navy bedspreads (definitely one going home) have a great day

Judy x