Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Computer Drama!

I was always wondering why my photo's were so small, really I can tell I'm 41 hopeless with computers and in my frustration i found the medium image and wow big picture! how Stupid am I! Anyway just love these images from a new book that has arrived in store called "Decorating with Blue and White"

Kitchen Dream

I would re-build tomorrow if I could have this kitchen I just love, love, love it! my next house will have wall to wall cabinetry so I can collect lots of crockery which I have a passion for, love the chandelier, oak table with french chairs too.
I'm off to work now have a great day x

Monday, September 29, 2008

A summers Day

I love entertaining with blue and this summer my store will be filled to the brim with gorgeous blue and white dinnerware, accessories, ginger jars, bedspreads etc... The tablecloth in the middle photo is a purchase I made in Paris and I'm looking forward to using it this summer, the top image is part of our new bedlinen collection and the bottom image just reminded me of how easy it is to use a piece of fabric through the middle of your table to create any look you want to achieve.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Avenue Montaigne

Okay now girls you have not been to Paris if you have never walked down this street. If you watched Sex and the city (Paris episode) you will know what i mean, I was in shopping heaven. Thankfully that day I dressed up in heels (killed me though, how do those Parisians walk on those cobblestones without twisting there ankles) and spoiled myself to a day of shopping in this glorious street, now i'm not normally this exstravagant but after 3 hard years of setting up my business I was going to do some damage, kind of a reward! Every designer shop is on this avenue but my favourite store had to be Dior inside was so beautiful, the mirrored walls, the antiques it really felt like the most beautiful girls bouidior a must visit truely breath taking. My first stop was Prada shoes, then my favourite store Hermes were I bought a scarf and just a few enamel bracelets (still saving for a Kelly bag) Then moving on to Louis Vuitton a new bag and a diary which Paul had my initials embossed in gold (present from my hubby) you know you have done serious damage when you get offered a coffee and a petite yum at LV. Now for my story, my girlfriend is staying the following week at Plaza Athenee so at $1400 a night I decided I had to check out this hotel, so we decided coffee in the cafe would get me in the door for a sneak peek, well if your not staying there you are really looked down on, I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life, they asked us 10 times our room number which of course we didn't have, $30 and two coffee's later we couldn't get out of there fast enough, I was only really annoyed that I didn't do my shopping first and then walk in with all my designer bags, anyway I was happy to go back to my apartment, put on my flat shoes and head for coffee in our patisserie for $5 and felt completely at home while I pondered over how many years it will take me to pay off my credit card xx

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Avenue De la Bourdonnais

Staying in an apartment in Paris felt like we were Parisians ourselves, I often had a giggle when I was asked in french for directions from tourists, definitely worth dressing up in Paris. Avenue De La Bourdonnais was in the 7th Arrd. overlooking the Eiffel tower. The streets were beautiful and just downstairs was our own patisserie were we enjoyed breakfast every morning, I just loved at the end of the day using our own key to our apartment(first door was ours), we enjoyed some nights stopping by the Rue Cler markets to pick up dinner for a casual night in of course complete with french champayne (half the price in Paris). I am doing a photo wall at home of paris and I then thought how great doing a wall of beautiful doors that I spotted on my walks in the streets of Paris.

Market Shopping in Provence

Not far from the Chateau was this beautiful village called L'Isle sur la Sorgue. This village comes alive on Sunday's "Market Day" and I was in Heaven all-day! I bought beautiful old gold embossed french books dating back to the 1800's, beautiful old sterling silver tea-spoons, antique prints and old original posters some on old Italian paper to give it a more authentic look, I begged my hubby to buy a stunning chandelier but at $8000 euro ($15,000 Aussie $) not including freight and taxes he just wouldn't spoil me really what was the problem Ha! Ha! I was truly happy with my bargains and only regret not buying a full silver cutlery set, but it all just got a Little overwhelming even for a shopaholic like me. The beautiful old linens were in high demand and the pieces just layed out on blankets some just rubbish other pieces just dreamy treasures, tables of silver every-where were so tempting. The antiques stores that lay about this village down walk-ways and cobblestone streets were amazing, large oak cabinets filled with nothing but large white shells, the furniture, I could go on and on, the prices are not to bad and so much better and cheaper than the Paris markets. I will definitely go back and with alot more cash! By the way..I stopped over at Vicki Archer's blog and she has posted about the same village that I was at only a week prior, I also realised that she actually lives in the most beautiful village in Provence it was both Pauls and my favourite village, quaint, pretty and so very old with the best shops too how lucky is she and we wont start on about the Chateau!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chateau Talaud

This is the beautiful Chateau where we stayed in Provence, the gardens were so beautiful and the Chateau was restored by the owners Conny and Hein Deiters nearly 12 years ago. The Chateau was left for nearly 40 years before they luckily found this treasure. They have opened there home to be a Bed and Breakfast for countless visitors but I think I was the most excited guest they ever had! lucky for us the week we arrived was harvest time, Hein who has family and friends in Holland join together for one week "Boy's Week" and pitch in to pick grapes and party hard at night, of course when they discovered a dutch girl was staying I was eagerly invited to join in on the fun, Paul picked grapes and i enjoyed the gardens taking photo's and soaking up life in a Chateau, I must admit this life style suits me perfectly...ummmm better start saving my pennies!!! p.s Do you love my bedroom, the ceiling were so high and the paintwork was a delicate blue with a room filled with stunning antiques and those large windows were the perfect frame for the amazing view. We spent the days exploring near by villages, antique hunting and of course lots of drinking and eating.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I was so excited to go on my trip but equally as happy to be home. I had the most amazing time, Paris was everything I dreamt it would be, but girls you could have told me how big it was! My oh my did I walk some miles! And who said the Metro was easy? But what a beautiful city. I ate my way round Paris visiting Laduree and Angelina's (Went twice!) The hot chocolate is to-die-for! Oh and we can't go past the vanilla slices and strawberry tarts...pure heaven. Those croissants are like none i've ever tasted! And don't even get me started on the cheeses and the baguettes! No wonder they are under the arm of every Parisian. And Yes, I nearly died when I got on the scales, how could I have possibly gained so many kilo's? Ha! Ha!
Anyway beside the food, I loved it all and our apartment was devine. Small but cosy...was it my imagination, or was everything so small i felt like a giant? I had to laugh at how small the lifts were I felt like I was in a coffin! We opted for the three flights of very narrow stairs though. We went to the tourist hot-spot, the Louvre which was amazing but we got lost amongst the Pharaohs and tombs! In fact, we went around in circles for about half an hour until we stupidly figured out Sortie meant Exit! We had lots of laughs and a few confusing moments, but we had the best time ever! Lots to show-and-tell, but the highlight of the trip was definitely the Chateau, might i quote SATC when i say "I died and went to Heaven!" Vicki Archer, I'm now truly jealous!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Leaving London airport

no picture sorry as I am sitting at the airport in London waiting to board my plane, it took nearly 5 hours to get to London from Paris due to the explosion in the euro tunnel (nightmare) anyway I'm glad to be coming home even if its a very long 21 hours of flying (1 hour stop over in Bangkok). I had the best time ever and I have so many pictures to post of my trip to France, I have gained a few kilos on my waist line and my luggage also gained quiet a few extra kilos too, I have so much to tell and i just cant wait to see my kids um..bringing a few tears just thinking of them, miss you all Judy xxxxx

Monday, September 1, 2008

Au Revoir

I have watched Sex and the City Paris episode ten times, Marie Antoinette and I think I have read every Paris book on the market from travel books to novels, I even have web searched what to wear in Paris!I'm just so excited I think I'm going to burst!!!! I will miss you all and look forward to showing you my pic's on my return
Take care