Friday, October 12, 2007

Alana's Blog

At lily-g we not only have a blog focused on interior decorating we also will be working on a blog for all our loyal fashionista's, whilst i love wearing gorgeous clothes I'm more excited over a chair than a new dress! so because Alana is the fashion Queen this is going to be her blog and I'm focusing on the interiors! We have changed our direction in fashion focusing on fashion labels that are not mass produced, stunning jewellery and accessories!so keep a look out on our web-site

my new blog.........

I have stumbled over the best blogs in the late hours of the night and found the most gorgeous blogs and sites, this blogging is very addictive i must say or put simply I really need a life!!!!!! so i have decided to put my blogging to good use, so many of our customers ask us advice on what colour to paint a bedroom, how to dress a table? decorating tips etc..or simply what new pieces have arrived in store...

whats ahead...

I'm kind of glad this week has come to an end, I'm in the process of finalising all my interior work for the year to turn my focus back on to lily-g.... for those who know me i am known for taking on way too much and i never can say "no" its just not in my vocab! but today i turned down an incredible business opportunity and to be honest i hated every minute of it! two and a half years ago i started lily-g as a bit of fun and very few people thought i could survive in its location including me! but typical of me no business plan, no staff and just incredible doses of inspiration lily-g opened its doors and has never looked back! but we have out grown our space and we are now doubling in size with lots of changes and a whole new look! our fashion is moving to the front of the store and the existing fashion area will be a new Miss lily section of beautiful home wares and accessories for little girls. Our home wares will be in a much bigger new store and the mezzanine level will be our new interior section of furniture,wall-papers and fabrics. Our store will open in January for trading with our grand opening in February but ill keep you posted. I recently found this picture of a store in Denmark that i love, classic,stylish and homey....not over decorated, the style i love most!

Monday, October 1, 2007


One of the seven treatment rooms at l'plunge Day-spa. This room has a seating area to relax before you start your treatment, the fireplace sits opposite with the treatment room to the side, each room has been decorated differently, i have had problems downloading my photos on to my blog so ill post lots more images as soon as possible.

Adding the final touch

Karen is adding the final touch before the opening of her Day-spa finally its ready to open!