Tuesday, July 31, 2007

simply done

I love how this room is so simply done yet looks gorgeous im using a lot of sisal rugs at the moment with my decorating it creates a relaxed coastal feel

Friday, July 27, 2007

Navy for girls too!

who say's girls cant have navy, i just love the baskets hanging on the wall, simple but looks great!

little lily

Lily-g is about to have a massive change we are doubling in size to include a special area for our little lily's most of our products will be exclusive to lily-g with other items custom designed for us! i am busy finding images that inspire me and i loved how this room was put together!

working mums!

Today lots of new season summer fashion arrived in our store not to mention homewares galore, i was having trouble fitting in all our new stock! Our store was so busy and in the middle of the day a shelf decided to give way and stock went every-where!!! then the courier arrived with so many boxes i wanted to run out and put a closed sign on my door (where am i going to put all this stock????), then my son rang up feeling sick and needed me, yep! it didnt stop there! some time i wonder how us working mum's do it! thank goodness for my bottle of wine and i spent the night blogging away in between showing lily "winne the pooh web-sites", this image i posted for no real reason other than i loved it!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Collecting shells

India's family "scrap wall" is covered in postcards and treasured photographs,hanging on the wall is an old printers tray filled with shells that were found on the beach near her home in the Bahamas.

No more Hanging

What a great idea and definately one i will use, placing photo's and pictures on narrow shelves adds interest and saves lots of holes in the wall!

Old Framed photographs

We often think that we need to place family photo's on the wall, but i love the collection of images of places been, people who we have met and special things that have meaning to us.
The sofa is my favourite style loose covers are so easily changed for a different look!

India Hicks

I cant tell you how excited I was to find in the latest Belle magazine a feature on India Hicks and her home. In her article she quotes "I'm not about making loud statements" I say that often, her style is very similiar to my own. The collection of old framed photographs, the collectables,the bookcase and the loose covered sofa create a calm but homely feel, it speaks volumes about the people with-in.The white walls are the perfect backdrop, and just a touch of colour for added interest makes this my perfect home and truely inspirational!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I love this one too! how good would this look in a beach house.

More of my favourite paintings!

" 12 blue bottles sitting on the wall" an old song but i love the painting I'm looking forward to using it on one of my interior jobs, i have posted some more paintings of the artists work on my blog, the beach painting above is also her work, i hope you love them too!

my favourite paintings

I have commissioned an Australian Artist to paint a similiar painting of my kids on the beach, Im going to place it in my Navy and White family room except the kids swimwear will
be navy,white and touches of Red and the back-ground slightly different, Its going to be a present for my Hubby so i hope it turns out. the opposite side of the wall i have bought some antique oar's from my favourite store in Brisbane called salvage, so finally its coming together.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wing Back Revival!

At my store Lily-G we are planning our summer range which will definately include our RL upolstered striped wing back chairs.

Sea-Side Chic

Our new home has a family room that leads on to a deck over-looking the pool, i wanted to create a room that the kids would love but a great room to relax in! It's not a huge room so i can't have these gorgeous chairs but i definately want that couch and the look!

Navy and White...my second favourite colour!

Since my blog is new, i decided to post some old images that i have collected from the Villa America collection by Ralph Lauren, navy and white is still my favourite and this summer will be a big feature in our new store, mostly because its timeless yet striking and suits our relaxed Queensland lifestyle!

Cute As...

I bought two of these stunning chairs for my daughter lily, i cant wait to get a cute photo of her and her best friend Zara, i already have the grown up version which im using in my new home but the weathered cane with a hint of grey washed through has a slight vintage look to it! i just love it and i cant wait to put it in our new store! it certainly was an added bonus the little girl is holding my favourite shoe book!