Sunday, August 26, 2007

more of my favourite kitchens......

Another fan, had this kitchen modelled from the movie,how great would it be to have a kitchen as big as this!

Love the windows

how amazing are the beautiful doors, one fan of the movie hired a helicopter to fly over the Hamptons to find the house and offered to buy it, but the owners said it wasn't for sale! the actual inside how-ever are only movie sets and were demolished after the movie, wouldn't you love to be at that garage sale!

Somethings gotta give.........

I know!!! I'm a little obsessed by this amazing house in the movie "somethings gotta give" but as it was on TV last night I couldn't help myself to blog about it. i just love the whole house and don't get me started on the kitchen!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

my dream beach house

This is definately my dream beach house i love it , i guess i better keep dreaming for now anyway!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Today was the perfect rainy day to "pull a sicky" as I am the boss I found hundreds of reasons why I should go to work and lots of excuses why I didn't go! Dont get me wrong i love what i do but with building my home, extending my shop, interior jobs galore, my six kids, enough is enough, so I spent the day blogging and had lots of laughs as like minded woman blog away in there spare time. (what spare time!) I discovered today so many inspiring mums who have chosen to stay home with there kids but have created hobbies that have turned out to be serious businesses! they are a true inspiration and there creative talents are amazing. Today i bought for our store a bunch of gorgeous raggerty dolls each with there own personalities, handmade out of vintage fabrics each doll being completely unique, in a over commercialised world i hope lots of little girls learn the secret of just using there imagination and simply playing with there dolls!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

our new collection

This natural linen slip cover is our new range of slip covered furniture arriving in store, we have beautiful slip cover dining chairs,bar stools and lounges, under the slip cover is a fully upholstered linen chair, so it is so easy to change the fabric on the slip cover to any colour of fabric you want.

slip covers

For our new children's area i have upholstered a wing back chair in gorgeous soft pink linen but i have finished the bottom in a frill in the same fabric to make it girlie and the feet painted white, i have beautiful white linen cushions made with pink french scroll embroidered to the front in the initials LG. I'm having one also made for my daughter lily and i have matched her bed-head in the same pink linen and piped the edges in white, its all very pink but her room is contrasted in lots of white, ill post an image as soon as its finished!

slip covers

slip covers are such a great idea for childrens rooms, a more grown up chair that they can snuggle up on and read a book but can easily be changed as they grow older for a different look.

more of my favourite childrens rooms...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lots of white

As much as i need to venture into more colour every time i find an image i must keep "its white" my closest friends are the same we all love white! what is it? perhaps it just the perfect back-drop to add beautiful textures and subtle colour to any decor, I work with fabrics in both fashion and interiors and at the moment I'm busy buying summer clothes for"2008" crazy but imports you must order a year in advance (not easy when summer 07 is just arriving in store now) the good news is lots of white is the next big thing! i love this image from Elle magazine simple but so easy to live in.

Style Hunter

Today we recieved our copy of STYLE HUNTER...which featured our store Lily-g in there ultimate guide to the best home accessories, furniture and design shops in Australia! What a fantastic idea! I was so excited to see our store listed.

love this wall-paper

Another Designer guild wall-paper we used at the day-spa, we have teamed it back with aqua but this paper would look great with natural linens and white as well! My daughter Jess loves this wall-paper too and we are using it in her new room, she loves all things vintage and we have having so much fun together looking for treasures from all our favourite antique stores!

designer guild wall-paper

I'm finally at the end of a huge interior design project i have been working on for several months, i was asked to help set up a retail gift store and to completely renovate a gorgeous but very old 3 story building for a day-spa and whilst it has been challenging ( busy with other interior jobs as well as my store) i have loved every minute of it especially working with my one of my dearest friends Karen. I will be posting lots of images of our gorgeous day-spa in the next few weeks. The Charcoal wall paper by designer guild (image above) is used in one of the treatment rooms and it looks gorgeous!
the charcoal wall paper above has been used in one of the rooms and looks absolutely amazing at lily-g we have a large
selection of wall-papers from Designer guild, Osborne & little, R&L and so may more

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my second choice

Im always trying to achieve something abit different for my clients interiors but still keeping the look classic and stylish blending old with the new. I love the kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen as i child i have great memories of my family sitting around our country style table while mum chatted to us while she was cooking, this kitchen has a warm homely feel yet is still modern in design.

my new kitchen

well! it actually is not my kitchen but i have basically modelled my own kitchen around this design, at the last minute i changed the colour back to white ( i chickened out!) but i love the taupe colour and kind of regret that i played it safe but it will still look great i hope!