Thursday, October 30, 2008

Country Charm

Picking up my latest copy of NZ house and Garden I instantly feel in love with this country home, the beautiful gardens, the grandeur restored how I would love a home like this, imagine the garden parties you could have!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vintage Charm

I cant think of anything more fun than vintage shopping and I'm lucky my daughter Jess loves it too, we love searching for beautiful pieces and not just home wares but old diamond brooches, and vintage Glomesh bags, I cant quiet get into the vintage clothing but Jess is a natural and puts it together so well, so here are a few images that got me in the vintage mood!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Passion for Blue

Several months ago I posted about "A passion for Blue & White" by Carolyne Roehm and now I eagerly await my copy that I ordered months ago. I have always loved blue and White and my passion for collecting ginger jars has never wavered, I love filling them with bunches of beautiful flowers, clustering them in a group to make a stunning table centrepiece. As soon as my copy arrives I'll post more images of Carolyne's inspiration book.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Week-end

Wishing you all a very Happy week-end x

Xmas at lily-g

Another late night, I felt like Santa working in the very early hours to unpack I think hundreds of decorations ready for Xmas. Our store looks amazing and I'm starting to get excited about my most favorite time of year Christmas!

True Style.....

I'm so totally inspired by Brooke and her husband Steve, they are both amazing and there renovation too beautiful for words I just love it! Please go and visit her Blog to see the before and after shots and you will be equally impressed, they certainly have a fan in me!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A great post by Anna

One of my Favorite blogs is Villa Anna so when I stopped by her blog I just fell in love with her recent post. Brooke and Steve Giannetti have renovated there home beautifully and it will definately go down as one of my favourites. So please go visit Anna and then go visit Brooke's blog (velvet and linen) and be totally impressed!


On my recent travels to France I was on the constant look out for a vintage Kelly Bag by Hermes, rummaging through the vintage stores and markets there was not a bargain Kelly bag to be seen, well not in my budget anyway. On a recent buying trip how-ever I found these beautiful vintage leather bags inspired by the Hermes Bag, they are quiet large and amazing quality perfect for that week-end away. RL is by far one of my favourite stores and I love seeing the masculine vintage tan arm chairs the old LV trunks with clusters of old books and gorgeous silver pieces, the palm in the corner, the sisal rug etc...just love it!

RL Trunk

I love the mystery of the Trunk, found in Grandma's attic filled with treasures we now love and adore, Vintage pieces and special memories. I have just ordered these fabulous trunks for our store, made of linen and vintage leather, very Ralph Lauren!

Tea-Towel Inspiration

There is not a lot I can write about my linen tea-towels but they just arrived in store and they look so great I just had to share it with you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Going Green

My Manuel Canovas fabric arrived today (pictured on sofa) I'm not sure whether I'm going to re-upholster a chair or may-be just add some scatters that way I can change my look easily. I love having a neutral colour scheme its the perfect back drop for adding splashes of colour without alot of expense and this summer I'm thinking touches of green. I love the cluster of oak mirrors and the green back drop really sets it off.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had to reduce the quality of my photo's because they took way to long to download, but this is lily's room, she has a gorgeous chandelier, slip cover chair, a dressing table an a collection of tea-cups that I have collected for her from flea markets. The laudree journals and boxes matched her teacups so I couldn't resist buying them, the old basket on top of her cupboard I had restored and lined in pink check gingham tied on the corners with pink bows, the basket was very old and it was used as a picnic basket for my eldest daughter Jess. Inside the basket is filled with essential little girl picnic must haves! While trying to take the photo of her cupboard lily insisting on joining in on the photo shoot and sat in the basket. As you may notice she is a very girly, girl, loves picking flowers, loves to dress up, I often find her in my make-up or clopping around the house in my high heels, she is the only 3 year old that calls her dolly's Prada and Chanel and can sing most Mama Mia's songs I'm not kidding! She is the Princess in our home with 2 brothers and 3 sisters she is adored and knows it too! Dad is called Beast and she is Belle, I'm called Mrs Potts!!!! I keep insisting I'm Belle and she is Chip but she want budge rrrrgggg...

Home At The Hamptons

The Barefoot Contessa, not only can cook she has great style too! Simply done I love her home in the Hampton's a place where she entertains her friends and family in a relaxed casual environment, inspired by a Belgium Barn wouldnt this be a great holiday house.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Products at lily-g

The Xmas buzz has started and our shelves at lily-g are filling with beautiful new items for the festive season, over the next two weeks our Xmas windows will be decorated. This season we have purchased beautiful mercury balls in taupes and bronze they are truely stunning, we also have the mercury silver which works so well with this look too. I can't believe its Friday already the week went by so fast, have a great week-end x

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A fabulous Kitchen

Browsing through Martha Stewart's site I fell upon her gorgeous kitchen, The beige walls against the Grey kitchen and the center bench more like a table, the crockery filled shelves is my favorite look in kitchens today. I spent all day yesterday cleaning my kitchen and wonder how many times a week I wipe down my white kitchen doors, notice a few chips on my new stone bench (they take no care) and the dishes that the kids have put away "not clean enough" the smoothie maker just rinsed but not clean...shall I go on....Mothers out there do you sympathise with me? Any way every piece in my kitchen was spotless and after 6 hours of cleaning they all came home from school hungry and totally oblivious to all my hard work made a mess and I just had to walk away I couldn't look, arrggg...