Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Linen and stone

The combination of these beautiful materials epitomizes the look and feel of french country living, the look is cutting edge contemporary with a softer edge, yet to me is stylish may-be a Little to sparse for my liking but so easy to add your own personal touches. I have always loved a neutral colour scheme especially enriched with textures, metals and woods. The images sourced from the latest house and Garden (British edition) features France (MY favourite topic) I loved the article on visiting France, owning a home, I was amazed how affordable it was for us Aussies to own a home in France but the problem is the 24 hour flight!!!! and the no -long term visa oops...and no money to spare!


vicki archer said...

Dear Judy,
You are absolutely right about owning a house in France. The flight from Oz is a killer, the visa thing difficult and absolutely never any spare cash! But I wouldn't change a thing - I still love living here and often pinch myself that I really do.
i am really enjoying your blog and especially your images today - thank you.
All the best

lily-g said...

Hi Vicki,
You are totally inspirational and you are always the hot topic at lily-g because as you can imagine you are living the dream! so jealous...(in the nicest way!)and we sell loads of your books too!

vicki archer said...

thank you so so much- i really appreciate all your support with My French Life, it has been truly amazing.