Saturday, June 7, 2008

Have A wonderful Long Week-end

Yesterday I finished a large project (4 story villa 60Sq) my husband and I had to hire a truck and he drove back and forth several truck loads filled to the brim with furniture,cushions and accessories the villa was very modern and my brief was to give it a softer more coastal feel, touches of blue lots of natural raw oaks, jute rugs and beautiful accessories. Only a few months ago I completed there home in Brisbane which we used lots of colour and beautiful wall papers, sleek lounges and stunning fabrics, large vintage bally prints the holiday house had to have a completely different feel.....I left the coast at 11pm last night after unpacking heaps of boxes,making beds and setting up home, I must admit I had the best time ever (Interior Heaven) and the clients are ecstatic!!!!yip-pey, that made my drive home with aching feet, a cold sore brewing, total and utter exhaustion but feeling totally elated and relieved that I completed a job and the clients are thrilled (always a relief)! I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting all my favourite blogs but next week i'm back!