Wednesday, August 15, 2007

designer guild wall-paper

I'm finally at the end of a huge interior design project i have been working on for several months, i was asked to help set up a retail gift store and to completely renovate a gorgeous but very old 3 story building for a day-spa and whilst it has been challenging ( busy with other interior jobs as well as my store) i have loved every minute of it especially working with my one of my dearest friends Karen. I will be posting lots of images of our gorgeous day-spa in the next few weeks. The Charcoal wall paper by designer guild (image above) is used in one of the treatment rooms and it looks gorgeous!
the charcoal wall paper above has been used in one of the rooms and looks absolutely amazing at lily-g we have a large
selection of wall-papers from Designer guild, Osborne & little, R&L and so may more